Minimum Protected Account with PruProtect

As a result of medical advances in treatment, the possibility of surviving a critical illness has improved. However, there is a flip side. Because people are surviving more illnesses and living longer, the chance of suffering a second illness is increasing. For example half of all heart attacks are repeat attacks1.

Most traditional critical illness polices will only pay once and then your policy ends. And unfortunately once you have claimed it would be difficult to obtain replacement cover.

That’s why it’s important to consider PruProtect’s Minimum Protected Account option. Available from as little as £5 per month, this option can top your cover back up to its original level after a claim, giving you extra reassurance that you’ll have more cover in place should you need it again.

Did you know …

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How does the Minimum Protected Account option work?

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More fast facts about our Minimum Protected Account

  • You can choose the amount of your Plan Account that you want to protect – this can be between 25% and 100%.
  • By selecting the Minimum Protected Account option you can claim anunlimited number of times under your Serious Illness Cover – up to 3 times the original level of cover, with the total of all payouts limited to £2 million. Even if you receive the maximum payout you will still be able to receive a further payout for Life Cover.
  •  We will top your cover back up with no further underwriting, no further exclusions and unlike competitors’ buy-back options, there will be no change to your premium.
  •  If you’ve already claimed for a condition but it gets worse, then you can also claim again and we will pay the difference between the severity levels. And, if the same condition recurs 36 months after your last claim, so long as it’s not directly related, we will pay the full amount due for the severity of the condition.

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