Buy To Let Mortgages

When considering a buy to let mortgage application, a lender will typically look at the prospective rental income of the property.

Because demand in the rental sector is high, the rental sector is booming and  an investment property could be an ideal venture for the right person.

However, finding the right buy to let mortgage has now become a more complex task with the introduction of numerous products. Indeed this is a very fast growing and changing market place. Professional advice is a necessity.

Our advisors will help find the best buy to let mortgage deal for you to safeguard your investment and maximise potential profits.  We can help plan to build or maintain a property portfolio that suits your needs by understanding your individual circumstances, both now and in to the future.

Property is an excellent long-term investment, with the potential to offer good income and good growth. Capital growth in property in the past 25 years has exceeded just about any other field.

Many people invest in a buy to let property as a pension – the rent each month can be used to supplement retirement income, or the property can be sold and the proceeds used as a nest-egg.

Whether you will receive both an income and a final lump sum from your investment depends on the size of your initial deposit and the level of your mortgage payments and the initial purchase and final value price of the property.

If you already have an investment portfolio, it is often best to speak to a mortgage advisor about how a buy to let property might fit into this portfolio. If you’ve already invested in a buy to let property as part of your investment strategy, the advisor can also check that you are paying a competitive rate of interest. With fluctuations in the Bank Base Rate you could be paying more than you should – and your rents could be too high as a result, making your property less appealing to potential tenants. Talk to us now!