Life Insurance with VitalityLife

Get more from our Life Cover

Our Life Cover is available on a Whole of Life or fixed term basis.

More cover whilst we assess your application**

With our VitalityLife Plan you’ll receive free cover at no extra cost whilst you’re waiting for your application to be assessed.

More cover before your mortgage starts**

If you are using your Life Cover to cover a loan financing a home, or alterations to an existing home, with our VitalityLife Plan we may provide you with free Life Cover before your plan starts.

More reassurance with continuous cover

If you also have Serious Illness Cover, you can choose our Protected Life Cover option, which tops up just your Life Cover back to its original amount following a Serious Illness Cover Claim.

More certainty for paying inheritance tax

We offer a Whole of Life option, which covers you for your whole life. It means your family is guaranteed to get a payment, whenever you die. On top of that, we can cover two people, and only pay out the lump sum after both have died. So, they can arrange for this lump sum to cover any inheritance tax that their loved ones might need to pay.

Life Cover for people with HIV

We are the first mainstream insurance company to provide Life Cover for people with HIV, of up to £250,000 for a maximum of ten years.

With VitalityLife, you get more than just cover

Vitality*, helps you to live life well – and save money at the same time. When you use Vitality to get healthy, we give you money off your premiums. You could even earn rewards too. The more you take part, the more you get back.

And because you can make the most of Vitality from day one, you always get something back from your cover – even if you never make a claim. We’re the only protection insurer to do anything like this.

* Premiums are not reduced for Health Cover or Vitality Plus. Also premium discounts do not apply to the Essentials Plan.

** Terms and conditions apply visit

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