Serious Illness Cover with VitalityLife

Get more from our 5-star rated Serious Illness Cover with the Vitality Life Plan.

More conditions covered so you’re more likely to get a payout

While traditional critical illness policies cover an average of 39 conditions, our Comprehensive Plan covers 161 and our Primary Plan covers 100. So you’ll be covered for serious illnesses and partial disabilities, not just critical ones.

More cover at an earlier stage, so you get paid sooner

The amount we pay to you is based on the severity of the illness and its impact on your lifestyle. This means we can make a payout to you at an earlier stage of your illness, even if it’s not life-threatening.

More cover if you need to claim again

If you don’t claim your full sum assured your remaining cover will continue, allowing you to make further claims. So if your illness progresses or you’re diagnosed with a new illness you could receive another payout. Traditional critical illness policies pay out once and then end, leaving you unprotected.

More reassurance with continuous cover

Our unique Minimum Protection Account option tops up your Life or Serious Illness Cover immediately after a claim, with no further underwriting, exclusions or premium increases.

With VitalityLife, you get more than just cover

Vitality*, helps you to live life well – and save money at the same time. When you use Vitality to get healthy, we give you money off your premiums. You could even earn rewards too. The more you take part, the more you get back.

And because you can make the most of Vitality from day one, you always get something back from your cover – even if you never make a claim. We’re the only protection insurer to do anything like this.

* Premiums are not reduced for Health Cover or Vitality Plus. Also premium discounts do not apply to the Essentials Plan.

** Terms and conditions apply visit

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