Vitality with Vitality Life

What is the Vitality programme?

The reason for creating Vitality is simple. If you stay healthy by exercising regularly, eating well and not smoking, you could add years to your life. And that’s why Vitality believe insurance shouldn’t only benefit people that need to claim.

Vitality is core to their plans*. This means everyone has access to their proven wellness, which includes activities, online tools and partner discounts to help you get and stay healthy for less.

The Vitality programme in four simple steps

It’s one of the ways they help you live life well. Through Vitality, they suggest ways you can get healthier. They give you discounts on things that are good for you. They give you rewards for making positive changes to your health. Plus, you could also make great savings on your premiums*.

*Premium Discounts are not available on the Essentials plan, Business Protection Cover and Relevant Life Policies and does not apply to Health Cover and Vitality Plus premiums.

The first step to getting healthier is understanding how healthy you already are. Complete the Vitality online Health Review and you’ll get a personalised report that shows you what you need to do to improve your health. You’ll also get a Vitality Age which shows you what your health age is versus your biological age. Getting healthier will help bring your Vitality Age down. They give you Vitality points when you do healthy things and these points will help improve your Vitality status. Everyone starts on Bronze status, then you can work up to Silver, Gold then Platinum.

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2. We make it cheaper and easier to get healthy

People tell Vitality that one of the reasons they struggle to be healthy is the cost. So they make it cheaper and easier for you to eat well, get active and stop smoking. Through their partners you can get discounts on healthy things like Health Assessments, monthly gym membership fees and sessions to help you stop smoking. They help you track your progress by giving you points for doing healthy things, so you can see your hard work paying off.

Find out more about the Vitality Health partners here

3. We’ll give you rewards to keep you motivated

Getting healthy takes a bit of time and effort. So, to keep you motivated, Vitality give you rewards for doing it. To help you relax you can get 75% off stays at Champneys Health Spas.

4. The more you do, the more you get back

When you’re healthy, you’re less likely to claim. That makes it cheaper for Vitality to look after you. They think you should get the benefit from this. So, as you make positive changes to your health, you could also make great savings on your premiums with Premium Saver and Premium Discounts*. The amount that you could save is based on your Vitality status, so the healthier you get, the more you’ll save.

Find out more about Premium Saver and Premium Discounts*.

*Premium Discounts are not available on the Essentials plan, Business Protection Cover and Relevant Life Policies and does not apply to Health Cover and Vitality Plus premiums.

Get even more with Vitality Plus

You can get even more from Vitality if you choose to enhance your policy with Vitality Plus, available at an extra premium.

Vitality Plus makes looking after your health more rewarding with great discounts available from partners including Cineworld, and Vue.  The higher your Vitality status, the greater the discount. All of the above depends on whether you have Vitality Optimiser or Plus and if you are a Life or a Health customer.

New members have three months to choose to add Vitality Plus to their policies, otherwise you can only add at your policy anniversary.You must have a minimum monthly premium of £20 to upgrade to Vitality Plus.

Vitality Optimiser

Vitality optimiser is also available to add to all Vitality protection plans. It gives you all the best rewards and discounts they offer to help save you on your insurance.

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