Why Choose Us

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and our key members of staff have worked together in the industry for almost 20 years, there’s not much to know if anything at all about Mortgages & Insurances that we don’t already know.

We are able to accept Mortgage/Insurance applications on a national basis to all UK residents over the age of 18, whether it be by post, telephone, electronic means or face to face at our head office or the comfort of your own home.

 The pitfalls of comparison sites

You will have seen the various national advertisements on TV for a comparison website. Many of these sites try to fulfill a purpose to help consumers reduce their Insurance costs. They often fail as when it comes to the biggest financial commitments you are likely to make, we believe that specialist advice is needed. Unlike credit cards and loans, Mortgages & Insurance do not follow a one size fits all.

Only after understanding your needs and circumstances can a broker advise and make a recommendation. The very best rate or the lowest initial price might not necessarily be the best advice for you, you may have other needs & requirements to take into account.

Just picking a product on where a Mortgage/Insurance comes in a best buy table is a dangerous game, especially if that best buy has made it to the top of the table with some added financial incentives from the product provider, as often happens with a number of comparison websites.

 The multi service promise

We are the pioneers of the multi service promise.

You pay just one broker fee on the first mortgage transaction with us and all further mortgage transaction relating to that Mortgage are free from any further company broker fees (£95 administration will apply).

That is a promise !

If you are reading this section it is probably because you have taken advantage of our mortgage service previously and opted for our ‘multi-service’, whereby we pledge to carry out mortgage reviews as and when requested by you, free of a company broker fee.

As you are probably aware, we will endeavour to provide you with the very best and most suitable advice to suit your circumstances, after carrying out a full and thorough fact finding exercise on which our ‘advice and recommendation’ will be based.

Please be assured that this service is underwritten by this company and not by the advisor who visited you and provided the advice initially. Obviously wherever possible your original advisor will be the person who you will deal with. However, even if your advisor is no longer working with this company – your ‘multi-service’ agreement remains.

Just simply ring the number above and we will immediately connect you to a fully qualified advisor to help you.

You are very important to us….

We want to be very important to you….


  • if your preferential rate is coming to an end,
  • or you need to raise extra cash,
  • or you are concerned about losing your job
  • or you want to discuss lowering your outgoings with regard to mortgage payments
  • or initiate or reduce life cover payments
  • or you just feel like discussing your options
  • or you need our help or assistance at all

Simply pick up the phone and ring on the number above between the hours of 9.00 am – 5.00 pm and we will be very happy to speak with you.

You can even contact us by clicking below – just leave your message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you