Your first mortgage advice meeting is over – what next?

So, you’ve had your first mortgage advice meeting with one of our mortgage advisors. You’ve provided all of the documentation that was needed and our mortgage advisor has answered all of your questions. During this initial mortgage advice meeting you will also have discussed some and / or all of the following that relate directly to your property purchase:

  • the type of property that you are looking to purchase
  • the value of the property that you are looking to purchase
  • the amount of deposit that you have saved
  • your salary and the amount of money that you are looking to borrow on a mortgage
  • your outgoings and the monthly amount that you can afford to pay on a mortgage

Our mortgage advisors want to ensure that you, as the client, are as informed as possible about the mortgage process every step of the way and so they will share their knowledge of the mortgage industry at every meeting with you. This ensures that you, as the client, are aware and kept up-to-date about all information that relates to you, your financial circumstances and your mortgage application. This helps you to learn and understand how the mortgage industry operates and ensures that you can make informed decisions as you complete the mortgage process. In order to support this practice, during your initial mortgage advice meeting with one of our mortgage advisors, some and / or all of the following will also have been discussed include:

  • the mortgage application process
  • the different types of mortgage available
  • the current interest rates
  • the extra costs involved in purchasing a property – some of which include solicitor’s fees, survey and valuation fees, house insurance, moving costs

Mortgage Advice MeetingAfter being provided with a lot of information to take into consideration, you might be starting to think ‘What happens next?’

Well, our mortgage advisor will review your financial situation and determine how much you will comfortably be able to afford to borrow on a mortgage for your property purchase. Our mortgage advisor will then search the market for lenders and mortgages that would be suitable for you and your financial circumstances. Once this information has been gathered, it is then time to arrange another mortgage advice meeting so that our mortgage advisor can go over the different options available to you and your financial situation, so that we can help you to progress onto the next stage of the mortgage application process.